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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Where do I take my child on the first day?


    Collection and Drop Off Points – Parent Zones

    Class collection and drop-off points, known as parent zones, are being reorganised for September.  Please read the information below to ensure you know where your child will be greeted by school staff on the first day back:

    3RB, 3RM, 6AA and 6CA

    Outside the year 3 and year 6 classrooms, on the school field side of the building.

    4CC, 4EH and 4JMc

    Please walk all the way around the end of the school building to the doors on the playground side of the school.  There will be clear signs identifying your parent zone.

    5PD and 5LM

    Parent zones are located within the covered walkway at the front of the school building.


    If you have children in more than one location, then they can be sent to one parent zone for ease of collection.  Please speak to the class teachers to arrange this.

    The walking bus will remain in operation for children accessing Barley Barn, or for groups of children brought to school by childminders.

    If you have any individual difficulties with the arrangements in September, then please come in to school so that we can help overcome these.

    Please do not cause yourself any stress over the summer worrying about whether you will end up in the right place.  There will be plenty of staff on hand to steer you in the right direction in September.

    Please remember that children in years 3 and 4 should be accompanied by an adult in the mornings and collected by an adult at the end of the day.  It is not the expectation of the school that parents will drop their child off at the school gate.

    Thank you

  • What date do the children start back?

    Thursday 6th September 2018

  • What are the school times?

    School doors are open from 8.40am, with the bell being rung at 8.45am.

    The school day finishes at 3.05pm and you can collect your child from their relevant zone.


  • Are there any key dates I need to know about?

    Y3 expectations session for parents.

    Thursday 10th September, 3.05pm-3.45pm.    Information on what is expected of your child this school year.


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