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Ofsted Report 2018

 Wednesday 10th January 2018

Dear parents and carers,


Following our visit from Ofsted on the 21st and 22nd of November, I now have the final report to share with you. I have placed a copy on our website, which can be found under News and Ofsted. We have emailed the report via teacher to parents, should you prefer a hard copy, this will be available from the school office.


Although the overall judgement is Requires Improvement and is disappointing, we are pleased that the team of inspectors identified many strengths and recognised all of the areas that we have been working on to improve. You will see in the report that I have highlighted these strengths and positives in yellow.


We are aware that we have further areas to improve, such as improving attainment and progress. We have already put strategies in place to address this and are pleased that inspectors recognised that “writing in 2017 was in line with those nationally. Work in pupils’ books indicates that progress in writing is strong for current pupils. Current pupils are making stronger progress in reading because of the changes made to the English curriculum.” We have a detailed plan to develop and improve Mathematics to match that of English, this will be shared with you all over the rest of the Spring Term. Inspectors recognised that the difference between outcomes in previous years was “reduced in 2017”, in conjunction with our Deputy Head Teacher, our Year 6 team have made many changes to how Year 6 are taught and prepared for their SATs in May- changes that we are seeing have made an impact already this year.


The school team have worked hard to develop the personal development, welfare and behaviour of our pupils, which was an area that staff, parents and pupils recognised as an area that needed improvement. The inspectors recognised that the “recently introduced Stepped Approach to behaviour management has successfully reduced the amount of disruption in lessons compared to the previous year. The movement around school is well organised, pupils behave well in the playground and dining hall and show respect for one another.” The inspectors were complimentary of our efforts to develop responsible citizens through holding positions of responsibility such as in School Council, as Ambassadors or Play Leaders, and found pupils to be “polite to one another and adults. Inspectors observed many examples of pupils showing good manners and an understanding of right from wrong.”


As a Governing Board, we are aware that staff movement caused inconsistencies and we are working with the Leadership Team to appoint and retain a strong teaching team. Inspectors recognised that our Leadership and Management team have ensured that “effective systems are in place to support teachers, which are beginning to improve their practise. Leaders provide increasingly effective whole school training and individual coaching.” With the new appointments in place, we know that we can develop a strong teaching team that challenges our pupils. You will notice that already inspectors recognised that our Leadership Team has been strengthened, which has had a positive impact on improving the school standards.


The school will continue to take effective steps to tackle the areas that require improvement. The Governing Board and Senior Leadership Team will continue to keep you informed of our progress in regular updates.


We appreciate your continued support of our school and look forward to working with you further.



Yours sincerely,



Miss. M Klein

Chair of Governors

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